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Week 1: A lot of loving

The Berklee course in songwriting, BMW130a, is full under way. People from all over the world learning the craft of song writing online, can it be done?

Less than two weeks in, I feel I’ve been learning a lot already. It seems so natural, once you know the way of describing all these inklings and hunches I’ve earlier relied on.

Learning is subjecting oneself to humility, so here’s the first week’s assignment for your enjoyment, a simple verse. When you listen, remember: I’m a songwriter, not a singer ;)

I know what I've got
And babe it's a lot
A lot of loving for you

I know what I've got
And babe it's a lot
A lot of loving for you

A lot of loving



I have decided to spend a bit more on creating music, and a bit less on some of my startup ideas. I’m starting at Berklee music next week, trying out a few of their online offerings. I’ve heard only good things about the school and its online extension, so we’ll see.

I’ve also heard Berklee requires substantial time commitment, so to speed up catharsis and embracing the spirit of ideas are a dime a dozen, I’ll post a few of the gems I’ve been working on over the next few weeks… stay tuned!


Usernames could be secrets, too

Interesting article on how Google Chrome saves passwords. 

Like other browsers, Chrome ignores that usernames could be secrets, too, and stores them in the clear. 

This is just plain silly.



LendingClub, you held such great promise. But you’ve been quiet since April, refusing new commitments from lenders and that’s six months of zero communication (except for an update in June saying you were in a “quiet period”. Umm, thanks, I could tell!)

I really liked LendingClub. Their office at PnP in Sunnyvale was literally right next to the one I started for Yubico, and they were always friendly with support. I was one of their first customers.

But I hear rumors of defecting employees and, come on, six months of nothingness, of no communication, of locked up funds? Can I shout out a loud WTF?

So now I’m stuck waiting for the principal to trickle back home (thanks for the memories) so that I can move it away. ASAP, please. 

And probably put it into Prosper.


Selective security

Local bookstore at the cash register as I’m paying for books.

  • Cashier: “$22.54, please.”

I hand her a credit card.

  • Cashier: “Can I see some ID?”
  • Me: “No.”

She looks up, apparently startled.

  • Cashier: “Why not?”
  • Me: “Because I don’t want to.”

A few seconds pass, during which the cashier looks completely lost.

  • Cashier: “Oh, okay then.”

She then continues the transaction. I sign the slip and leave with my books.

The future is looking bright.

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